Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas

Homecoming May 1996

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In addition to the annual Homecoming, the Texas Historical Marker

for Atoka Cemetery was dedicated during this gathering. The Texas

Historical Marker was donated to the Atoka Cemetery in memory of

the life and work of Jack SHIELDS.

Photos were donated by Sue PARKER SHIELDS.

Photo IDs:

- Photos are identified left to right.

- If a person is in the Atoka Cemetery Family Tree, his photo is linked

to his Family Tree page.

- Frequently photographed:

James RICHARDS, President of Atoka Cemetery Association

Juanita THOMPSON SHIELDS, Secretary of Atoka Cemetery


Ron OWENS, President of Coleman Historical Society

Joe WATSON, Chairman of Coleman County Historical Markers

- * Frien' no Kin - An asterisk marks Friends of Atoka Cemetery

without kin buried in Atoka Cemetery.

- We have yet to place the following attendees in an Atoka Cemetery

Family Tree.

Darrel STRELOW with Lillie Hulene BATES ARCHIE, photo 26, 87

Charlene MILLS GRIFFITH, photo 31

Ed DAY and wife Lucille DAY, photo 33, 44, 88, 93

Nina WILSON with Lucy Laura CASEY WILSON  and Harlon H.

"Shorty" WILSON, photo 40

Louise CECIL, photo 46

Edith BULLOCK, photo 46

Tex WRIGHT, photo 57

Nadya CLARK with Presley KINCAID photo 29, 66, 82


Photo 73. little girl

If we have incorrectly identified a Homecoming attendee, please let

us know.