Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas

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Atoka Cemetery Database

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Atoka Cemetery Database

for details about those buried at the Atoka Cemetery.

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Atoka Cemetery Gravestone Map


A list of those researching the families buried in Atoka Cemetery.


Calling all Genealogy Sherlock Holmes.


Remembering those who past during the last several years.

• Honoring those to gave during Military Service.

Articles about those buried in Atoka Cemetery

"Atoka... Early Settlement: Atoka Schools"  article by Jack SHIELDS*

"Atoka... Early Settlement: Solomon and Celia PARKER" article by Jack SHIELDS*

"Atoka... Early Settlement: Charlie PARKER" article by Jack Shields*

• "Atoka... Early Settlement: Old Mitchell Home.. The Marrying House" article by Jack


History of Atoka presented by Bill Shields.

• "Novice" by Maurine Burroughs from “The History of Coleman County and Its

People,” 1985

Coleman County Cemeteries Inscriptions Survey

Coleman County, Texas Cemetery Directory

A survey of gravestone inscriptions at the Atoka Cemetery were originally published in

1988 in a 3 volume set, Coleman County Cemeteries Inscriptions, and were

copied and compiled by Vena Bob Gates, Judia Terry and Ralph Terry. The survey is

posted on the Coleman County, Texas Cemetery Directory website at

atoka.html .

Atoka Cemetery @ FindAGrave