Atoka Cemetery, Novice, Coleman County, Texas

Homecoming May 2007

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Homecoming Notice

Homecoming 19 May 2007 included the dedication of a United

Methodist Historic Marker to Rev. Hugh Martin CHILDRESS, Sr., who

was a militiaman and Texas Ranger before he became a Methodist

circuit rider known as the "Bear Hunting Preacher. The marker

dedication included a reenactment by Mark Winters.

Photos were donated by Sue PARKER SHIELDS.

Photo IDs:

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Family Tree.

Colt with James RICHARDS, photo 1

Fannie and Gary VAUGHT, photo 9

Drey, Colt and with Clay RICHARDS, photo 10

Betty STEPHENS, photo 12

Lois CAMPBELL, photo 13

Lucille and Edward DAY, photo 16

Robert and Mary DAVIS, photo 17

Fran and Charles KIDWELL, photo 18

Edwina RAY and Cliff EARLY, photo 19

Dale and Arletta HERRING, Shelly STEPHENSON, photo 21


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